Special thanks to the Sheet Metal area at Vought (Jefferson Street) for taking up their own collection for the USO care packages that will benefit our United States military soldiers.They raised $260.00 for the worthy cause!

Bobby Sooter and Mary Temple

From L:R Bobby Sooter, Mary Temple, Shannon McBride, Cheryl Piper, Steve Krajca, James Whitson, Jeff Cude, Donald Elledge, Joe Kissel, Roy Johnson, Tony Franco, Mark Blakely, Bob Mitchell

From L:R Bobby Sooter, Don Elledge, Mary Temple, Roy Johnson, James Woodson, Cheryl Piper, Steve Krajca, Bob Mitchell, J.A. Gomez Jr., Mike Davis

From L:R Joe Ortega, Jimmy Walker, Bill Wyatt, Ricky Salas

From L:R Charles Martin, Sherman Moody, Lillie Dowell, Mel Rivers

From L:R Bill Whitis II, Johnny Sanchez, Sammy Matthews, James Ray, Carmen Williams, Gary Brown, Leroy Martin, Don Oliver

From L:R J.A. Gomez Jr, Robert Ford, Cary Veigel, Linda Escamilla, Johnnie Durham, Emil Maxwell, Billy Hightower, Lucy Reyna, Mike Kuhn, Miguel Morales, Mike Davis

From L:R Gary Pinson, Mark Phillips, Barry Pepper, Jimmy Bledsoe, Ronnie Russell, Keith Peters, James Gulley, Rufus Johnson, Roger Herd, Richard Hartnett, Richard Deanda, Rodney Harrell

Mac Jones